Friday, March 30, 2012

Blogging and Seminary?

Since I'm not a blogger I really don't expect anyone to see this, but it does make for a little family history writing. I read other peoples blogs and they are so eloquent in their style and I have no style. With teaching seminary and not really being a natural teacher it seems to take the majority of my day just to put together a lesson that for most people would only take maybe 2 hours. I was in a seminary conference a year ago and the leader asked, "Who takes about 7 hours to put together a lesson" of course I raised my hand along with a new girl next to me. He went down the time frame until he got to, "Who can do it in 1 hour." there were some behind me who raised their hands and than one of the sisters (behind me of course) said semi-softly, "If it takes you longer than that your doing it wrong". Well I'm on my third year and I am getting better but it still and probably will always take me longer. I love the kids though they are great! And I have to say that I have loved studying the Old Testament it has come alive for me. We're finishing up Isaiah and I love it. I remember my seminary teacher saying when we were studying the B of M that Isaiah was hard and to just skip 2 Nephi and go on. For years I would tell myself to skip 2 Nephi and go on, until one day I figured that I couldn't do that the rest of my life and I better read it. I discovered that I was missing so much! I love Isaiah! There is always something to learn with him. Recently got a Torah and read it in the Hebrew prose (is that how you would say that?) It was very interesting and fun. Anyways I am on Spring break and looking forward to the week. Because of the broken water pipe a year ago that ruined our wood office floor we now are in the process of replacing it and all the furniture is scattered to other rooms and the filler stinks the whole place up but at least it is getting done, hooray!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Girls camp and chickens

I am trying to figure out all this blogging stuff, so for a while this will probably be boring. Once I get comfortable with posting, I try doing other things. Just got back last Friday from a week of girls camp. It was probably one of the best girls camp I have ever been to, almost relaxing. The girls were good and the leaders all got along great! That is always nice. Well when I drove up to my house everything was quiet and no one was around. As I was walking into the house I noticed broken eggs on the lawn, I went into the house and all the adults were taking naps when I asked where everyone was they said that some of the children were up stairs playing a game and some out back. I went out just in time to see kids in the chicken coop. As most of you know, it was exactly this time last year that a darling grandchild let the dogs into the coop and they had a great time, the end result, two happy dogs, 15 dead chickens and 1 survivor. We now have 16 hens and 1 rooster. As I walked out I noticed more broken eggs on the patio. I went to the coop and ushered children out and went in to inspect. Some one had forgot to collect eggs and I had about 15- 18 eggs all smashed in the coop with hens covered with yolk, so we got out the hose and sprayed everything down. Grandchildren you got to love them (and I do!) Oh, and the pad lock is on the gate.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We've Been Really Busy

At Least that was the excuse my Mother gave me when I confronted her about the year old blog that she hasn't updated.

So Since my Mother and Father are "too busy" too give their family an update into their lives, I Shall do the best i can considering the circumstances of me not living with them anymore.

Mom and Dad are doing Great. Last October Mom lost alot of weight (am I allowed to say that on here?) and she looks Amazing, back to her skinny minny High School days (or maybe not quite) Dad is still working on that California Bander, I talked to him about it last week when they were up in Arizona for Paul and Aaron's baptism and he told me he was behind and wanted me to work for him, so I'm going home to work for Dad for a month out of the summer, hopefully this all goes well because at the end of it, he said he'll help me get a car (good stuff huh :} )

In Other News Michael Grant is one of the top swimmers on the CUHS swim team (far beat out me) he is a sophomore and last year (His Freshman year) he followed in his Dear Sister's Footsteps (mine of course) and became Varsity only one month into the season. Again I say he is by far one of the fastest on the team, a little fish is he, nice and tall too....I believe he went on a (first?) date (he IS 16 now...17 in November) With a nice girl that use to be in our ward (aww cute, huh :} ).

Other than leading normal lives, I really don't know what exactly is going on with them....but I Know they are doing well.

When I go home, I will get on Mom's case about updating this more..say...once a month?

Have a great evening folks,
Nena Grace

Ps. here is some cute pictures of mom and of Christmas Time :} As well as our Family Photo During Christmas, Kristin and Mckenna are not in it due to the fact that they were not able to make it..but Suzanne has a version of them photoshoped into our Family Calender....

pss...can you tell who IS photoshopped into this version of our Family photo?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dec 30th 2007

This is our Family Picture taken outside our Chapel. Paul and Anita are missing, but thats ok we still love them. They were in the Philippines for Christmas enjoying the wonderful food. *choke.gag*After spending two days in the Hong Kong airport they are glad to be home. Anita is a good sport to be so adventurous when pregnant. They are having a little girl in May.

Also in the picture is Stephen Randall's fiance Kristen and her daughter Mckenzie.
Hopefully I will be able to figure this all out without Nena helping. We love you all and hope you have wonderful New Year

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

under constrution

Nena has just gotten my blog put together so I'm going to learn how to do this. Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas! Toni